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Daily Savings Article - Save Money on Groceries - Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill - Contributed by Paul Sarwana

Save Money on Groceries - Ways to Lower Your Grocery Bill
By Paul Sarwana

Consumers are finding that the news is full of many economists and citizens who are criticizing Americans spending and saving habits. It's a tough reality to face but times are lean, and they may get leaner and rougher before we enjoy more prosperous moments again.

As your grocery bill can be one of the most expensive items you have to pay for, one of the best ways that you and your family can deal with the strain of tight budgets and little money during these economic bumps and battles is to save money on groceries. When it comes to doing your grocery shopping you can lower your grocery bill and save your hard earned cash by a combination of good budgeting, money management skills and using coupons and solid advice.

Coupons and Your Food Budget

The keys to successfully maximizing the dollar's value are by using organization and self-constraint. Coupons that are found online, in magazines, newspapers and at grocery stores will help you save up to 50% of your total grocery expenses. This takes some commitment and effort though but it is well worth the time involved.

While some shoppers have been using coupons and smart shopping habits at the grocery stores for years, the use of these little money savers is soaring. People are anxious to save every quarter they can and you will find that these tiny bits of paper or cardboard will put a great deal of your grocery budget back in your pocket.

Getting and Organizing Coupons on Groceries

There is an abundance of coupons that can be downloaded and you can sign up for these free sites and individualize the products that you want to save money on. This lets you do away with the bother of unnecessary or unwanted coupons. If a weekend paper has particularly good coupons, see if your neighbors or friends will give you the coupon inserts if they don't want them, or just buy another paper.

Organize your coupons, check the store sales being offered and then make a budget of the foods you need and use the best coupons you can. Do not buy something just to save a quarter or fifteen cents, only use coupons that are offering savings on products that you use and need.

Take advantage of stores that offer coupon doubling for even more savings. Do not ever be shy about using a stack of coupons, think of the money you are saving as you patiently wait in line for all of them to be counted and deducted properly.

Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Consider buying in bulk if the price is good, but you will have to pay careful attention, as many stores will offer a larger item at a higher price now than 2 of the smaller packages. The store managers realize that many shoppers will grab bulk items thinking that they are saving money.

You can save money on groceries by purchasing sale items and using coupons in a double play combination, but also save by purchasing over ripe fruit like bananas. You can keep these in your refrigerator in a paper bag for up to a week, or mash them and freeze them for use in recipes. This kind of sharp shopping rewards you with saved money.

Pay attention at the register, recheck your bill, and if you are charged an incorrect price on any item, bring it to the attention of the manager of the store. Remember that the money you leave at the store is your hard-earned cash; don't just let it go without a clear purpose.

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