Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Aqua Globes Discount Offer - As Seen On TV Promotion

Today's offer is for a product you've probably seen advertised on TV. They're called Aqua Globes, and they're The Work of Art that waters your plants for you! Click here to watch a video of how they work.

Through this special Internet offer, you can get a set of 4 for only $14.99 plus S&H. Here are some other reasons why you need Aqua Globes:
• Automatically waters houseplants for up to 2 weeks
• For indoor and outdoor potted plants
• Hand-blown glass designs adds beauty to your plants
• Includes gift boxes for sharing with friends & family

Again, you can pick up a set of 4 Aqua Globes for only $14.99 through this offer only! Order yours today.

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